Kooba handbags; unique yet trendy style

Published: 03rd August 2010
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As the most popular luxury accessories, designer handbags have driven thousands of fashion fans crazy, especially the young ladies who make every effort to make them more fashionable and sophisticated. Definitely Kooba is one of the well known designer handbags brands, designed and owned by New York designer Abby Held, The brand was launched in 1998 by the mother-daughter team of Bonnie and Abby Held, with Abby designing and Bonnie running the business end. In 2007, private equity firm Swander Pace Capital made an undisclosed investment in the company and is now the majority stake holder. Kooba's creative director Abbe Held says his design is for independent, strong women who are not beholden to trends, but use fashion to express their individuality. The quality, craftsmanship, functionality and detailing of Kooba bags are much appreciated by their numerous fans.

Kooba handbags are known for their quality and designs. Women are generally obsessed with fancy looking handbags to carry as this makes them unique. The modern generation wants to have designer handbags and may overlook the quality of the bags. The bags are often crafted from leather and are known for their signature shape, hardware, and variety of colors. Bags are often named after celebrities and other notable figures. One of the brand's best selling bags is the Sienna, named for actress Sienna Miller. The brand has already got the endorsement of many fabulous stars the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Sienna Miller, Julia Roberts and Teri Hatcher. Kooba handbags feature soft leather, pretty colors and modern styles. Kooba bags were designed with a good use, while the design style also has a basic sense of style, so it is very popular in the United States. Kooba introduced a lot of classic series, such as Paige, Natasha, Avery Pleated, Elisha, Devin, etc. Kooba bags' designs are in unassuming, natural and simple style, very in line with the minimalist style that the Americans love. However, Kooba bag in the design prior to 2007 were relatively simple, until in 2007 it has changed some of the original image, there has been quite a lot of design changes. Kooba bag is still taking the temperament graceful lines and the overall design is still mainly based on simple.

Actually, the brand always had an interesting vision, and it is all about fashionable ladies, who everyday search for ways to express their unique personal style. Kooba collection of bags always had its original style, attention to details, and distinctive textures, where the individuals, not the accessories make the statement.

Kooba handbags is one of the most popular luxury accessories. Kooba Purse are known for their quality and designs which is different from many other Designer handbags.

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